FIRST CHURCH, MARTINBOROUGH Cnr Weld and Jellicoe  Streets Martinborough

                                                Minister: Rev  Dr  Jim  Veitch,        Local Contact:   Rosemary  Ward     306 8117

 Church   Newsletter    JULY  /   AUGUST   2017

Some happy news from Jim Symons who many of you will remember from his visits to First Church, Martinborough over the past years:


Kia Ora,

This email comes to you from Pasadena, California, with a surprising and exciting announcement.... I just had my 83rd birthday and I am getting married on September 2 to a wise and loving woman, Patty Compeau.

Before Marilyn's passing in 2016 she encouraged me to find someone else as a partner if she died before me. Five months ago a friend in my retirement community introduced me to his niece, a retired high school science teacher who is 74. We were attracted to each other from the beginning and have fallen in love. We will live in my home here at Monte Vista Grove. Though she retired 5 years ago, Patty continues to work with groups of students as a volunteer and tutors individuals. She is a deeply spiritual person with a strong commitment to social justice for all.

We are taking some shorter trips this summer and fall, but in 2018 we will come to New Zealand from February 5 to March 5. I would like you to meet Patty and hope to catch up with you and all my New Zealand friends. We will arrive in Auckland and take two weeks driving to Wellington, then two weeks on the South Island before leaving for home from Christchurch.

We would like you to send us an insight from your life (thought, saying, picture, poem, quote joke) which we will share on our website - please see the attachments.

I am deeply grateful to God for this surprising and wonderful change in my life, and hope to see you next year.