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August News from First Church

 Through winter cold, through bitter wind and biting frost the silent seeds of spring will grow and buried dreams will not be lost     -     Shirley Murray


During these wintery months we continue to meet each Sunday at 10am in the hall on Weld Street, but instead of sitting at tables cafe style as usual, we are gathered round one long table down the middle, with boxes and piles of books all round us – because organising and sorting for the delayed but eagerly anticipated book fair is now well in hand! Anyone is welcome to join us – our cafe opens at 10am with morning tea and friendly chat to start – so different from “church” of earlier times, which so many no longer find attractive or helpful. If you might enjoy a refreshing, thoughtful kind of service come and join us!


The 13th Annual Midwinter Monster Book Fair will be held from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd August at the Waihenga Centre Martinborough Town Hall. As in other years we will launch the Fair on the Friday evening at 7pm with wellknown local director, producer and editor Celia Jaspers as our guest speaker, followed by supper and the opportunity to have first pick of all the books for sale – all for $20 entry ticket! There will be free entry to the Fair on the Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and on the Sunday from 10am to 3pm.


It's not too late to sort out books, jigsaws, sheet music and dvds to donate – these can be left at the library, the Pirinoa Store and First Church Hall by arrangement. Contact: Pam Colenso 306 9503 or Carol Hawkins 306 9112 to arrange for pickup. We hope locals and visitors alike will again support this event which is a very worthy recycling of recreational, inspirational and educational material.


Sing praise to minds that will fashion our bold new tomorrows Yesterday’s wisdom released from its dogma and credos

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